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Beat the Heat with These New Three-Phase N4A6 Performance 16 ACs

Up to 17 SEER Efficiency Helps Homes Meet IECC Regulations
While Customers Enjoy Cool Comfort

The new energy-efficient Day & Night® N4A6 Performance 16 single-stage, three-phase air conditioners are here. Achieving up to 17 SEER cooling efficiency, these units beat the heat and meet Arizona and Nevada IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) regulations. Let's look at everything this new, high-efficiency three-phase air conditioner has to offer.

Day & Night® Three-Phase N4A6 Performance 16 Air Conditioner:

A summary of the new three-phase N4A6 Performance 16 air conditioners is listed below, including model numbers for the 230-volt and 460-volt options. No existing models will be phased out in 2021. 

New Models Available

Achieving up to 17 SEER in three-phase models, the new Day & Night N4A6 Performance 16 air conditioners provide cool comfort and efficient operation. If you and your customers are looking for a single-stage, three-phase air conditioner that beats the heat and meets IECC regulations, the N4A6 Performance 16 may be the ideal choice this summer!