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Commercial Financing Made Easy!

International Comfort Products® (ICP®) and Green Energy Capital, LLC
Offer Custom Commercial Financing Plans

According to the CDC, "Reoccupying a building during the COVID-19 pandemic should not, in most cases, require new building ventilation systems. However, ventilation system upgrades or improvements can increase the delivery of clean air and dilute potential contaminants."1

Without a doubt, the pandemic has changed where and how we do business. As we head back to work, there are office buildings that may need HVAC improvements or replacements in 2021. How will building owners finance that new commercial HVAC equipment? ICP® and Green Energy Capital, LLC have the answer: financing options tailored to fit the needs of your commercial customers. Let's find out more!

Green Energy Capital, LLC Commercial Financing
ICP offers a flexible commercial financing program through Green Energy Capital, LLC. They are an independent investment banking firm that provides financial and strategic advice to companies in the renewable energy and clean tech sectors. Green Energy Capital can help building owners preserve their capital with flexible terms while reaping the cost-saving benefits of a new commercial unit. 

Suggest Financing Options to Your Commercial Customers with Every Quote


Commercial Financing Made Easy!
Some of the benefits associated with Green Energy Capital financing include: 

Advantages of Equipment Financing
Talk to your customers about the advantages of financing their commercial equipment: 

Flexible Financing Options to Fit the Unique Needs of Your Customers
The ICP-Green Energy Capital Financing Program offers custom-tailored solutions for your customers, including:

Want to know more about this commercial financing program? Contact your distributor for more information on Green Energy Capital or email Doug Welch at [email protected].

1 https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/ventilation.html
2 As a depreciation expense the year the equipment is acquired (depending on financial structure). Consult a tax advisor.
(Disclaimer: Green Energy Capital, LLC, is a third-party service provider. International Comfort Products® (ICP®) is not responsible for the Green Energy Capital, LLC, financing program or services.)
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