New Day & Night Commercial Literature Now Available

New Day & Night® Commercial Literature

Day & Night is proud to announce that several pieces of Commercial literature have been recently updated and are now available. Use these brochures to explain the features, benefits and specifications of Day & Night Commercial heating and cooling equipment to potential customers:


► 3-27.5 Tons Commercial Packaged Rooftops Brochure

This 4-page brochure contains complete information on the full line of Day & Night Commercial Packaged Rooftop Units. It contains specifications for the RGV, RAV, RHV, RHS, RGS, RAS, RGW, RGH, RAW, RHH, RHW and RAH PRU series units, as well as helpful sales, service and installation information. 


► 6-30 Nominal Tons Commercial Split System Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Brochure

This 4-page brochure contains specifications for the CAS Split System Air Conditioners, CHS Split System Heat Pumps and FAS/FHS Air Handlers, as well as helpful application, feature/benefit, installation and service information. 


► Commercial Packaged Rooftops with X-Vane™ Fan Technology Brochure

Patented X-Vane Fan technology replaces traditional belt drive design with the Day & Night vane axial indoor fan. This 4-page brochure explains what makes this patented new technology so innovative and efficient. 


► Commercial Packaged Rooftops with X-Vane™ Fan Technology Spec Sheet

This 2-page brochure contains specifications for all of the rooftop models that utilize Day & Night’s patented X-Vane Fan Technology, including the RGV, RAV, RGW, RAW, RHV and RHW series units. 


► Commercial Products At-A-Glance

This 6-page foldout puts specs for the full line of Day & Night Commercial Products in one place. It also contains information on the Online Equipment Selection Program, Rooftop Energy Savings Calculator and ICP® RTU Mobile App. 


► Packaged Rooftop Units with Hot Gas Reheat Dehumidification Brochure

This 4-page brochure explains how the Hot Gas Reheat Dehumidification system, a factory-installed option available on most Day & Night light commercial rooftop units, meets the demand for a cost-effective, flexible and high performing solution to humidity and part load issues present in certain settings. 


Click here to view or download any of these brochures [will add link once posted on the go sites]. 


You can also order any of these brochures through your distributor using the part numbers listed below: 

Don’t hesitate to start using this literature today!