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Focus on FER! Part 3

Check Out These New Additions
to the Day & Night
® Gas Furnace Line

With available features like modulating gas valves, multi-speed and variable-speed fan motors, and sound-reducing insulated blower compartments, Day & Night® gas furnaces are continually improving for you and your customers. 

The FER (Fan Energy Rating) gas furnace line is no exception! There are several additions to the Day & Night gas furnace line that meet or exceed FER standards, can provide you with an edge over the competition, and can help your customers prepare for winter. 

Let's "FOCUS on FER!" to find out more on these additions to the Day & Night furnace line: 

Day & Night® N96VSN Performance 96
Let's start by focusing on the new Day & Night N96VSN Performance 96 gas furnace. It utilizes a variable-speed, constant torque blower motor to provide more consistent comfort, efficiency, and humidity control than a fixed-speed system. It may be the ideal solution for some homeowners this winter. 

The N96VSN Performance 96 gas furnace also offers: 

New N96VSN Performance 96 Gas Furnaces

Day & Night® N80ESN(L) and R80ESN(L) Performance 80
Turn your attention to the Day & Night N80ESN(L) and R80ESN(L) Performance 80 gas furnaces. 

We've added four new 70k BTU furnaces to the N80ESN(L) and R80ESN(L) product lines. These units provide 80 percent AFUE and offer a greater 4-ton capacity airflow housed in a 17.5-inch cabinet. 

Here are more details on the Day & Night N80ESN(L) and R80ESN(L) Performance 80 gas furnaces: 

New N80ESN(L) and R80ESN(L) Performance 80 Models

Day & Night® N80VSL Performance 80
Day & Night engineers have expanded the N80VSL Performance 80 furnace model family. Now, we offer a 45k BTU N80VSL gas furnace in a 3-ton capacity with a 14.2-inch cabinet. The Day & Night N80VSL Performance 80 gas furnace also provides: 

New N80VSL Performance 80 Model

Focus on FER!
Today we discussed three additions to the Day & Night FER-ready gas furnace line that may help you sell more furnaces this winter: 

As we continue to update the gas furnace line, we'd love to share new information with you. Keep your mouse pointed to GoDayandNight.com for more "Focus on FER!" articles as we prepare for the cold-weather selling season. 

These furnaces are not approved for sale in California’s South Coast and San Joaquin Air Quality Districts.

Timely registration required for 10-year parts limited warranty and lifetime or 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty. Limited warranty period is 5 years for parts and 20 years for heat exchanger if not registered within 90 days of installation, except in jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned upon registration. For residential applications only. Please see warranty certificate for further details and restrictions.

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