New Smart Sensor for Ion Zoning

New Smart Sensor Combines Modern Design & Additional Zoning Capabilities

Day & Night is proud to launch a new, updated zoning sensor designed for use with the Ion System Control. These sleek sensors provide the innovative ability to control up to eight individual zones at the same time. 

Designed with the homeowner in mind, these new smart sensors mimic the contemporary look of the Ion System Control, maintaining a sleek, uniform appearance throughout the house. Featuring a useful touch-screen, they integrate more seamlessly into the wall than ever before.

Additional features:

 High resolution, smartphone-like touchscreen

 Easy-to-read temperature display

 Intuitive controls 

 Ability to name each zone

 Adjust the fan and hold settings for each zone at the smart sensor

 View the humidity levels and outdoor temperature

Adding Smart Sensor to each zone provides your customers with several benefits: 

Improved Comfort – The high-resolution, smartphone-like touchscreen on each new Smart Sensor allows the homeowner to set the individual zone’s temperature from the sensor without leaving the room and going back to the Ion system control. Setting each zone to their desired temperature alleviates the issue of uneven heating and cooling present in many homes.

Lower Energy Bills – Homeowners can keep unused zones of their home at a higher temperature in the summer and a lower temperature in the winter to reduce their energy use. Their system won’t be trying to heat or cool unused spaces, saving money on their energy bills. 

Extended HVAC Equipment Life – By keeping the unused zones of their home at a higher temperature in the summer and a lower temperature in the winter, the homeowner’s HVAC equipment won’t need to work so hard heating and cooling the entire home. Only those zones that customers choose will receive conditioned air. Proper zoning can prolong the life of HVAC equipment by reducing the likelihood of overheating and reducing wear and tear. 

For ordering information on the new Smart Sensor, contact your distributor.