The IonTM System Control is Ready for Launch...3-2-1

Close More Sales with the Ion™ System Control Launch Kit

Have you checked out the new Day & Night® Ion™ System Control Launch Kit? The Kit includes over 20 How-to videos similar to the one you just watched, as well as a variety of materials that could send your Ion System Control sales skyrocketing.

Ask your distributor for an Ion System Control Launch Kit so you can take advantage of these helpful tools:

Dealer How-to-Sell Guide
This color, eight-page How-to-Sell Guide helps you take control of your sales calls. Using the tips from the Guide, you can show homeowners how convenient it is to control their comfort system with the Ion System Control. Talking points include:

Consumer Brochure
Help customers "Tap into Premium Comfort" with the Ion System Control Consumer Brochure. This color, four-page brochure focuses on the Ion System Control and its: 

Click here to download the Day & Night Ion System Control Consumer Brochure.

Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide is a great resource for dealers and homeowners alike. It explains how to quickly connect the Ion System Control to a home Wi-Fi network and get started. It also includes step-by-step instructions on: 


Technical Literature
Detailed Technical Literature on the Ion System Control is provided in the Launch Kit, including: 

Click here to download Product Specifications for the Ion System Control.

How-to Videos
You viewed the "Introduction to the Ion System Control" video above. There are over 20 How-to videos within the Launch Kit, covering:

Ad Kit Materials
A variety of advertising materials are part of the Ion System Control Launch Kit, including:

Product Photography
For advertising purposes, the Launch Kit includes high-resolution files of the:

There are so many helpful marketing materials and consumer and dealer resources included in the Ion System Control Launch Kit. Ask your distributor to order yours today! Utilize the Launch Kit tools to educate your customers on the Ion System Control and close more sales.

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